Laurel Oil Soap an ancient soap origins derives from centuries also know as Aleppo soap. | Soapage

Laurel & Olive Oil Soap 3.6 oz

When this two glorious oils join forces the benefits are tremendous. Not only help to even skin color, they get rid of pimples and reduce their appearance. This soap is rich in minerals, such as: manganese, phosphorous, potassium and vitamins: A-B-C-E-F. It capabilities are so beneficial for the skin it nourishes the skin and gives strength and freshness.  Helps to improve wrinkles as well helps to nourish hair from the root and prevents hair loss and makes hair brilliant and smooth.  


Which makes this soap an ideal treat for the skin.



Saponified Bay laurel Oil, Olive Oil, Water


Due to it’s handmade nature size may vary slightly.

Category: Fragrance Free, Vegan

Type: Exotic Soaps

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